Frequently Asked Questions

Will I use my own bike?


No, LEBBS will make use of fleet motorcycles fully insured and equipped for the purpose. Please visit the fleet page for more details of the vehicles we use.


Can anyone ride for LEBBS?


For insurance purposes, riders must have held a full motorcycle licence for at least 2 years, be 25 or older, have no more than 6 penalty points and be a registered LEBBS member.


When do I get to ride ?


We run a duty rota for riders and controllers, this is usually planned one month in advance. Once you have sent in the dates you will be available, our rota manager will compile the list and publishes accordingly. we try to keep each months riders in reasonable proximity to save on mileage transferring the bikes from rider to rider. 


Is it only in Lincolnshire?


We currently support three coverage areas within Lincolnshire. Boston Pilgrim and Grantham Hospital make up our first, Lincoln County Hospital is our second with Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole and District Hospitals making up our third coverage area. However, you could be sent to any healthcare facility in Lincolnshire or beyond. Our aim is to give these hospitals a professional cover, we don't turn down any ride - that means you should be prepared to go where they ask at any time over your duty period.


I do not hold an advanced motorcycle qualification, can I still ride for LEBBS?


ALL riders have to be advanced, you may however still become a member of Lebbs and be a controller until you have qualified. You need to have to have at least one of the following advanced qualifications before riding for LEBBS:


                    i.      The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), 
                   ii.      The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), 


Can I get help towards advanced qualifications?


There are a number of qualified volunteers who have generously agreed to assist those seeking advanced qualifications. LEBBS can put you in touch with one of these volunteers .


What items of uniform will be provided?


As well as each member being provided with a LEBBS polo shirt, a hi-viz vest will be provided for the duration of your shift. All other motorcycle clothing will be the riders' own. There is no stipulation that riders should purchase an all white helmet although volunteers are encouraged to do so if they wish to enhance their own safety.


I have heard that I will need a DBS check?


This is true and will be performed at no cost to the volunteer. Documentation can be checked by one of our registered checkers and the process can be completed online.


What benefits do I get as a rider?


Apart from the good feeling you're giving something back to the community we have secured a few discounts from local dealers and we hope to gain more in the future.


Where are the bikes located?


The bike is kept at your home for the duration of your shift so that you can respond as quickly as possible. At the end of your shift the bike is passed on to the next duty rider.


How can I become an Operational Member?


To become a Rider, Driver or Controller, simply visit our online Membership site and select Operational Membership.

Do I have to be a motorcyclist to get involved?

No. There are many roles that keep the charity going that do not require you to be a motorcyclist, for example  fundraising and attending events are equally important. We now have a separate membership for those that do not wish to participate in the operational aspects of LEBBS but still want to support this worthwhile cause, simply visit our online Membership site and select Fundraiser Membership.